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Avon Old Farms School

At Avon Old Farms School, everything is designed with boys in mind, from the curriculum to the buildings. Why should the admissions material be any different? So CEH Design created a view book with substantial size and weight, strong messaging, and powerful visuals to appeal to prospective students and their parents. One goal of the piece was to showcase the many aspects of an Avon education, and the resulting theme — “Inside every Avon Boy is the mind of a scholar, the creativity of an artist, the discipline of an athlete, the makings of a man” — lent itself to a series of program brochures and a search piece highlighting the benefits of an all-boys environment. And as a nod to Avon's successful athletics program, for a yield piece we created a series of “trading cards” featuring Avon students, but rather than sports stats we featured their many and varied achievements.


“Right from the get go, Carolyn and her team immersed themselves into the AOF community, which was crucial to truly capture the pulse of Avon. We have a truly unique school with so many facets. After a week of in depth interviews, their efforts truly shined through into their concepts. But we wanted to take them even further, and this is where their partnership with us was truly showcased. The innovation and creative think session truly set the foundation to our final product, which was nothing short of award wining.”

MICHAEL DEMBICER | Director of Communications